Our Clients

Our clients include a number of well-known names in industry and finance. While we don't broadly disclose who we work for, we can say this...our client engagements include helping:

  • A company whose stock is one of the most widely held with its on-going investor relations program, including advice on strategy, presentations, meetings, conference calls, and website development
  • One of the nation's oldest financial services companies with its corporate communications and investor relations programs
  • A global financial trade group develop and implement press, marketing and member relations strategies
  • A leading financial services firm to more effectively position itself and explain the intricacies of its industry
  • A newly capitalized specialty finance firm launch its business through a targeted positioning and media relations effort
  • One of the nation's most respected information services companies with external and internal communications related to an acquisition
  • A regional investment bank/securities firm to develop and implement a corporate positioning program